Genie Garage Door Opener Benefits

Benefits of Genie Garage Door Openers

 Genie garage door openers have distinct advantages over many of the garage door openers available in the market. The Genie brand is widely known in the US for manufacturing the best garage door openers which are equipped with a variety of security and safety features.

The benefits of Genie garage door openers are mentioned below.

Security features

The highest level of security is provided by Genie garage door openers, as the access code changes every time the garage is opened. This feature prevents anyone from capturing the access code electronically.

The Intellicode access security system from Genie is equipped with rollingcode technology to enhance your security. This is a significant advantage that Genie garage door openers have over other garage door openers with fixed codes. Every time the garage door is activated, a new code is selected from possible combinations of numbers in billions. So, the chances that someone will hack the opener is nearly nonexistent.

Safe-T-Beam prevents accidents

The SafeTBeam technology consists of an infrared beam. In case an object obstructs the beam when the door is closing, the door will stop and reverse to block the object in its path. The garage door opener doesn’t function if the SafeTbeam technology is not installed or if it has been disengaged. Additionally, the force guard control automatically sets the speed at which the door should open and close, ensuring maximum safety.

Life-time warranty

 Genie offers a lifetime warranty on the drive screw, gearbox, and the motor on several models. Others  have a fifteen year limited warranty on the motor or a five year warranty on the drive screw. All accessories that come with the model have a one year warranty. The power head, SafeTBeam system, JArm, wired wall control, and rail have a five year warranty.

No interference from nearby frequencies

 The Genie garage door opener will automatically seek either the 390 MHz or the 315 MHz frequency from a remote. This implies that the opener responds regardless of frequency interference from other nearby sources.

Open the garage door even when there’s no power

Now you don’t have to wait till the power comes back to open your garage door. By pulling the emergency release cord attached to the opener, the door will be released for you to operate manually. Additionally, you can also release the door from the outside with the Genie Emergency Release Lock. See more on Garage Door Remotes.

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