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Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman Automatic Garage Door Opener Remote Control Replacement For Atlanta Georgia

If you have a garage door opener, there’s a good chance it came with a remote transmitter. Sometimes these remotes get lost, broken, or are otherwise in need of being replaced. American Garage Doors and Openers is a trustworthy name in garage door remote replacement, and we can find the best remote for you no matter the type of garage door or opener you use.
We provide:

  • Remotes for single-door garages
  • Remotes for multi-door garages
  • Remotes for commercial gates and entrances

Garage door remotes are a great convenience that many home and business owners take full advantage of. These remotes are usually clipped onto the visor of a vehicle so that, when approaching the garage door, you can simply press a button and watch the door begin lifting to grant you access. Afterward, you can either press the remote’s button again to make the door close, or do so by pressing the button on the wall switch before you enter the house or building.

Believe it or not, garage door remotes have become more technologically advanced throughout the years. In fact, the first garage door remotes encountered some major security issues and had to be updated a few times over to ensure that:

  • Garage door owners don’t accidentally open their neighbor’s door with their remotes
  • Would-be criminals can’t open your door without your permission

Now that high-security rolling codes are becoming commonplace for both residential and commercial owners, even more features are being incorporated into remotes to make operating your door even easier. Not only can American Garage Doors and Openers help you out with garage door remote replacement, we can make sure that the remotes you receive are high-quality products manufactured by top brands. Here are a few popular features that garage door remotes these days utilize:

  • Universal Capabilities
    Universal garage door remotes are ones that can be programmed and used in conjunction with many type of door openers and frequencies. These are good options for people who don’t want to go through the trouble of finding brand-specific matches to their garage door opener. The Chamberlain KLIK1U Clicker Universal Remote Control and the Liftmaster 375LM Universal Remote Control are two types of universal remotes used by many homeowners.
  • Closed Door Confirmation
    If you always find yourself rushing out of the house and wondering two blocks away if you remembered to close your garage door, these remotes can help ease your stress. Remotes with closed door confirmation will emit particular visual and audio signals (such as beeping and blinking lights) to let you know if your garage door closed properly. If you press the button and drive away, and something interferes with the door closing, these remotes will alert you of that as well. One good example of this technology is the Genie Closed Confirm TriloG™, IntelliG™, PowerMax™, SilentMax™, and ChainMax™ Compatible Remote.
  • Garage Door Alerts
    Alerts can be received via email or mobile device that let a home/business owner know if their garage door has been opened or closed while they’re away. These alerts are a great convenience for those who worry about their garage being broken into or accessed without their permission. Because so many of us keep valuable possessions in our garages, many major brands such as Craftsman, Linear, Genie and Liftmaster all have remotes, openers, or keypads with this type of alarm technology.

The above features, along with many more, are a few examples of how professional remote replacement services can truly work to your advantage. Being made aware of the different kinds of remotes and features available today can be difficult to do without a technician on your side. At American Garage Doors and Openers, we are also able to replace your keypad, wall switch, and remote keychains so that every aspect of your opener accessories are taken care of.

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