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Like any other component of your garage door system, your opener’s remote might give you some trouble over time. If you’re in need of garage door remote repair, you are probably realizing just how convenient these remotes really are, and just how inconvenient it is when they aren’t working properly.

Garage door remotes are small, relatively simple devices. Still, there are a handful of problems that garage door owners sometimes encounter with their remotes. Below are a few examples and how to attempt to fix them yourself:

  • Sticking Buttons
    Small pieces of food, spilled drink, or general grime buildup can cause the buttons on your remote to stick. Depending on the design of your remote, sometimes you can slip the end of a butter knife or small pick underneath the button and try to dislodge whatever is causing the problem. If this method doesn’t prove successful, you’ll have to take the remote apart. Once you unscrew/unclip whatever keeps the two plastic halves of the remote together, remove the circuit board and clean the underside of the button on the back of the plastic face with an alcohol wipe. Then gently clean the small button on the circuit board the same way. Reattach the remote, and your buttons should no longer stick.
  • Dead Batteries
    The most common problem with garage door remotes is the fact that your batteries have run out of power. Although remotes last a long time because they aren’t generally in constant use, all batteries die eventually. On many remotes, the battery compartment can simply snap open, but on others you may need to detach a screw or two. Garage door remote batteries are usually inexpensive, but the type of battery used varies depending on the model. You’ll have to open up the battery compartment or check your user’s manual to see what kind of batteries you will need to purchase.
  • Dirty Battery Contacts
    Just like with the buttons, grime can cause another problem around the battery contacts. If you have placed new batteries into your remote, but it doesn’t seem to have done any good, take the remote apart again and check and make sure the contacts are clean. Use an alcohol wipe to dissolve and buildup where the positive and negative ends of your battery touch the inside of the remote. If you have dirty contacts, even brand-new batteries won’t be able to create a closed circuit.

If your remote has extra features such as alerts and remote lighting capabilities, the needed repairs may be more complex than the ones listed above. In those cases, it’s best to contact a garage door expert for garage door remote repair. The country’s top manufacturers, including Stanley, Liftmaster, and Genie, are consistently turning out new products that are meant to make life more easy for garage door owners, but repairing them may take a little more know-how. A few examples of these types of popular remotes includes:

  • Liftmaster MyQ Enabled Remotes
    The LiftMaster Elite Series® 8550, Premium Series 8360 with Battery Backup, Elite Series® Model 8500 Wall Mount opener, and Premium Series 8355 all encompass MyQ communication technology to allow home and business owners to garage doors, gates, and lights via computer, mobile device or garage door remote.
  • Craftsman AssureLink Smartphone Control Kits
    Craftsman has its own line of technologically sophisticated remotes and products that allow for an Internet router to connect to your garage door opener wherever you are. This is extremely convenient if you need to open your garage door from a distance to let friends and family inside.

Whatever remote your garage door opener system utilizes, American Garage Doors and Openers technicians make the needed repairs quickly and easily. We’re used to working with standard, basic-function remotes and complex products alike. One way to avoid dealing with cheaper, often faulty remotes is to rely on companies like American Garage Doors and Openers to help give you access to the best garage door opener accessories available. We work within our customers’ budgets to provide well-built remotes that will last longer than some of the models you may be able to pick up on your own.

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