Garage Door Remote Programming Atlanta

Atlanta Garage Door Remote Programming for Craftsman, Genie, Liftmaster and more!

At American Garage Doors of Atlanta, we can make garage door remote programming a part of your door or opener installation process, no matter what make or model of remote or opener you need. We can program:

  • Allstar
  • Craftsman
  • Genie
  • Digi-Code
  • Liftmaster
  • Maantec
  • Moore-O-Matic
  • Multi-Code
  • Stanley

Garage door remotes rely on transmitting and receiving signals to form a sort of communication between your door opener and the hand-held device. After the invention of garage door remotes, it was concluded that there were some issues that needed to be reconsidered. When many homeowners pressed the remote button to open their garage door, they found that sometimes they would inadvertently be opening their neighbor’s door as well. Multi-code systems were created to help avoid the interference with other receivers in the area. Despite this updated technology, potential burglars could still gain access to garages by simply attempting different codes on their own remote until they succeeded. Yet another improvement was made, and the security problem was tackled by using remotes that were programmed so that there were 3.5 billion codes available. This meant that the only way someone could open your garage door is if they had a remote with the same exact code as you— which was a one in 3.5 billion chance.
Still, even this technology became obsolete when rolling codes were introduced. Rolling code remotes are such that when you press the button to operate your garage door, a new code is immediately generated. This happens ever time you press the remote’s button, which means that even if someone is able to identify the code used when you last operated the door, the code they acquire would be useless and a new one would already have been generated.

Programming Your Remote
Once you have a new remote, it’s necessary to program it so that you can use it to open and close your garage door. Technically, you’re not programming the garage door remote at all— the remote transmits certain signals to the opener, so the opener is the device that actually needs to be programmed to understand the signals.
To start on the garage door remote programming process:

  • Have your remote handy and use a step-ladder to reach your garage door opener.
  • Locate the Learn button, which is often found underneath the opener’s light cover. The Learn button will most likely be a red, yellow or purple square.
  • Next, press the Learn button one time without holding it down. There is about a 30 second span of time for you to press the button on your garage door opener remote.
  • The first time you press the remote button, the opener should click or a light may flash.
  • Press it a second time, and the garage door should respond to your command.

To reset the codes that your garage door opener is programmed to respond to, you can usually just hold the Learn button down for about ten to twenty seconds to essentially clear its memory.

From simple, residential remotes like the Digi-Code 1 Button Visor Transmitter and the Craftsman Remote Control 3-Function, to more complex 9-door commercial garage door remotes such as the Linear Model 639T 3-Button Remote, programming is made effortless by our team’s expert services.  We can even help with programming for remotes such as Liftmaster MyQ® enabled products, which allow you to operate the lights inside of your home from your car.

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