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 When your handy garage door remote refuses to let you in and keeps you stranded in the driveway, it’s time to get it repaired or buy a new remote. American Garage Doors and Openers, Inc. can help you with both. Though we primarily provide garage door and roll up door repair, servicing and installation, and repair garage door remotes and keypadsAtlanta, our commercial division sells a variety of commercial doors and dock equipment including security gates, impact doors, garage door remotes and keypads.

Repairing your garage door remote is more complex than you think

 Why won’t your remote control button work? Perhaps the batteries are weak or dead. If this is the case, you can replace them and fix your problem. Reprogramming the remote is another solution; again this is doable but you’ll have to follow the steps in the user manual correctly. Then there are remote control issues that leave you baffled. When you’re not confident of the underlying problem or can’t be bothered to read the user manual, call us for timely solutions.

Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can easily identify what’s wrong with your garage door remote and offer resolutions quickly. It is also possible that you may need to replace your remote entirely. In this situation, we can provide you with new garage door remotes and keypadsAtlantavery conveniently.

Why are we the top choice of homes and businesses?

 Atlantabusinesses and homeowners recognize that our services promise excellent value for money. We work with honesty, integrity and a customer-first attitude. When you turn to us for solutions, we promise

Ö        A repair job done right the first time around

Ö        Professional and timely service delivery

Ö        24/7 availability so you can reach us at your convenience

Ö        A 1 hour emergency service for crisis situations

Ö        Competitive prices with no hidden costs in the picture

American Garage Doors and Openers, Inc. is a versatile service provider with experience repairing all makes and models of garage door remotes and keypads.

Our guarantees offer you peace of mind

 American Garage Doors and Openers, Inc. wants you to know that you’re getting a fair deal when you choose our services. So, you don’t have to pay until you are 100% satisfied with the result. Also, in the rare case when unavoidable situations experienced en route force us to reach you later than promised, we forgo the labor charge on your repair.

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Let our professionals repair garage door remotes and keypads Atlantafor you while you sit back and relax. Get a free estimate for repair or purchase today.

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